English Courses


We recommend taking the following free online courses. These courses are recommended for beginners.


offers an interactive on-line platform which can bring together foreign language speakers. Each user can create and add his/her own content in return for points which he/she could lather use to trade for other online courses.


Invata Rapid

is a website that provides 26 free English language lectures, all of the courses having the ultimate purpose of language and vocabulary development.

Invata Rapid

Blogul engleza interactiv

offers additional English language lectures, focusing more on grammar and vocabulary.

Engleza Interactiv

Portalul Engleza.biz

offers, to those who seek it, dedicated English lectures with the additional bonus of audio support.

Engleza Biz

Website-ul Rapidul de Engleza

The Website offers on-line courses on 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These courses come with audio support and an exercise booklet meant to test your level of understanding of the previous lecture.

Rapidul de Engleza