Client Rights

Transfer Rapid has a very strict policy regarding the processing of personal data. Our company adheres to the rules and regulations stipulated by the Data Protection Act 1998, by protecting the confidentiality and interests of our clients.

Please note that personal data will only be used to improve the products and services that we offer to our clients. As opposed to many institutions, which have the status of approved economic operators, Transfer Rapid will not use the personal data for marketing purposes, and it will not share any of the personal data with other entities, regardless of their status. In the unlikely event that the personal data may be accidentally accessed by other third-party personal data operators, based on partnership contracts, Transfer Rapid will issue on behalf of its clients a cease and desist order to prevent the processing of the personal data, along with the request to delete such data.

Additionally, our website visitors and clients have the right to request at any time changes, updates, and the disallowing of their personal data used for direct marketing purposes.

*You are also entitled to request the deletion of your personal data.