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  • You need to know that: claiming your taxes back from the Netherlands authority is not a simple procedure.
  • For each application refund you need to prepare a file with: standard forms, completed and signed in original, income statement and paid taxes in Germany as well as the personal family situation.
  • Tax Office analyzes the file and may require explanations, additional documents or confirmations. You need to answer these requests, in German, in maximum 30 days from the request.
  • Some persons choose to prepare their own tax file or to get help from acquaintances, accountants or lawyers. They only can recover your overpaid taxes, but with the help of an authorized agent you could obtain more benefits.
  • In each country there are several tax classes (non-resident married, resident married, non-resident with children, resident, etc). The difference between classes is given by tax facilities, for example: a resident person, married, having children has more fiscal benefits than a non-resident person.
  • It is important to work with an authorized agent of the Tax Office because he knows German legislation and guarantees you a legal tax refund. If the employer registered you to an unfavorable tax class, an authorized agent helps you to recover the maximum possible amount that you could get.


Transfer Rapid always chooses reliable Partners to meet your needs.

For tax refund we work with an authorized agent (Steuerberater) by the German Tax Office, which means that:

  • the tax file is not transferred through several intermediaries; it is recorded directly at the German Tax Office, where are accepted only files registered by Steuerberater agents. During the tax process, the file will not be lost and the processing time will be the smallest possible.
  • an authorized agent represents the client before Tax Office, signs on his behalf and is responsible for file quality and correctness.
  • an authorized agent maintains the relationship with Tax Office, managing correspondence with Tax Office, insists in case of delays or miscalculations and verifies if the payment made by Tax Office complies with the initial estimate.

  • From Germany we can refund:
    • overpaid taxes retained from salary;
    • allowances for children (Kindergeld);
    • fiscal aid for husband/wife;
    • work expenses (transport, rent, etc.)
  • Average amount refunded was of 980-1108 EUR, per incomplete year worked.
  • Estimation of the amount that could be refunded it's free!
  • Nothing to pay until you receive your money!
  • Average time for tax refund is 2-6 months.

    Taxes can't be received faster then 1-1.5 months (from the file registration) because the legal minimum response time of any institution is of 1 month.

To start tax refund process, you have to accomplish the following conditions:

  • you are working legally in Germany.
  • you have been working legally in Germany in the last 4 fiscal years.
  • you kept documents from employer: fiscal file Lohnsteuerbescheiningung and social identification number Steuernummer/IdNo.
  • for German allowance: fiscal file Lohnsteuerbescheiningung, pay-slips Abrechnung and German social security number Sozialversicherungnummer.

If you do not have documents from employer, we try to get them for you, if you give us full details about your employer: name, address, telephone, number etc.

Do you fulfill the above conditions? If yes, fill in the enclosed form and you will be soon contacted by one of our consultants.

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