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Tax refund

Service available to Romanians who are working or have been working abroad

Romanians do not know
the refund of taxes
the taxes refund can be total or partial


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Good to know:

  • If you are working or have been working abroad in the last 5 years then you might have paid extra taxes. This happens because even if legal, the employer retains extra taxes or because you have been registered to an unfavorable tax class.
  • You will get your taxes back directly from the fiscal office, not from your employer! The right to take your taxes back does not affect the right to work abroad in future or the relationship with the employer.
  • The amount refunded varies according to: foreign income, income obtained in Romania that year, marital status and income obtained in Romania by your wife/husband. Therefore, some people may receive higher amounts than others. Where appropriate, social benefits may be added to these amounts, such as: European allowances for children.
  • Each country requires a different tax grid.

Choose the country where you have worked to find out the conditions which you have to accomplish for tax recovery and also the benefits of working with the best authorized agent for tax refund in Eastern Europe.

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