An Unforgettable Vacation for You and Your Loved Ones
Each money transfer through Transfer Rapid offers to those that have Loyalty Cards the opportunity to win an unforgettable vacation for four persons!

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Until the fourth drawing

Due to the current state of emergency in Romania declared through military ordinances on March 1-3, 2020, and having taken into consideration the terms of the campaign “An Unforgettable Vacation for You and Your Family,” regretfully, we are temporarily suspending the drawing from March 31, 2020, and once the state of emergency ends, it will be resumed on the same conditions as stated in the regulation.

In the event that the campaign regulation may be subject to any other changes, we will make an announcement in due course.

The winner of the draw for a trip to Venice is Rareș Balog from Aiud, Alba.
The winner of the draw for a trip to Maldive is Lascău Adelin Florin from Dobricionești, Bihor.
The winner of the draw for a trip to Phuket is Dumitrescu Gabriel from C�mpulung, Arges.

Each money transfer brings you closer to the vacation of your dreams!

Until March 30, 2020 be loyal to Transfer Rapid services, and you will be eligible to win prizes in our quarterly raffles. We offer great prizes, such as unforgettable vacations in four destination places!

Campaign Contest Rules

Venice, Italy

That place where la vita e bella (life is beautiful): a spectacular city, ruins, avant-garde art, amazing landscape, and delicious food

Venice, the floating city, the city of lovers or eternal love. Here you can discover the magic of the masks, and the mystery that is hidden behind them.

Malé, Maldives

Take in the palm trees, turquoise waters, white sand beaches embraced by sunrays, and a cloudless blue sky.

Look at the sea, it seems to sparkle in a myriad nuances of blue. Listen to the sound of waves, and feel the sea breeze.

Phuket, Tailanda

Phuket, Thailand

The country of smiles and orchids, a destination with a natural and remarkable beauty, warm waters, and beaches lined by palm trees.

The Thai temples (called wat in Thai language) are the most significant examples of the Buddhist influence.

Marrakesh, Morocco

A country of a dizzying diversity, vast mountain ranges, ancient cities, colorful markets, and excursions in the Sahara desert at sunset.

A charming place, marked by mystery and beauty. Various decorative elements can be found on buildings, with the strongest influence being that of the Bedouins.