Choose to transfer money online, from the safety and comfort of your home.
Family love has a new name: Transfer Rapid
The Loyalty Card

The Loyalty Card allows the retrieval of the funds from ATMs without the use of a bank card or bank account

Transferred funds sent from abroad can be retrieved from any CEC Bank ATM anytime, any day (24/7/365)

The Transfer Rapid (TR) Loyalty Card can be requested from any CEC Bank branch by the TR customers in order to retrieve transferred funds from any CEC Bank ATM at anytime.

Without any retrieval fee

without a bank card

Retrieving your funds using Transfer Rapid from any CEC Bank ATM offers you the possibility to retrive money confidently and safely anytime, any day

EU quality labelfor the top innovative ideas


On the ATM screen, please select the optionTR and also the language used for the display, and then, enter the number of the Transfer Rapid Loyalty Card.



Take your receipt and money.

It doesn’t get any more simpler than this!

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Toll Free Telephone Number - valid in Romania

Toll Free Telephone Number - valid in Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and France

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