Paula Seling, Transfer Rapid Ambassador

Love for family has a new name: Transfer Rapid

Paula Seling


Being a Transfer Rapid Ambassador is an honor and a responsibility, and part of my ambassadorial efforts is to learn from your experiences living and working abroad, and also from your families living in Romania. Thus, Transfer Rapid and I encourage you to send us your thoughts so we may consider them when further developing our services for you.

In this role, she helps you to keep in touch with your loved ones in Romania, to learn from other people’s experiences abroad; to find the best solutions for your development and for the help of those at home!

I am Transfer Rapid Ambassador

Good morning, my friends! I am happy to announce that I have become Transfer Rapid Ambassador, a Romanian company for Romanians everywhere. For 16 years, Transfer Rapid has been offering Romanians safety, respect, and confidence in money transfers to Romania.

🥳Over 4 million Romanians use Transfer Rapid services through CEC Bank, the Romanian bank with longest tradition and largest network, together guaranteeing that your money reaches your loved ones.

We want to make your story known!

It’s time!

...to make your story known to the world. From all of your amazing stories, I chose just a few to share in this video. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and the challenges that you’ve overcome living and working far away from your homeland and loved ones. I’m both humbled and privileged that you’ve shared some of yourself with me and Transfer Rapid.

This is an emotional video, but I encourage you to watch it until the end. I’m confident that most of you may find a part of your heart reflected in it.

I’m still waiting to receive more stories by email or in the comments so that I may include them in the next video that we’ll be making.

Hugs to you all,

Paula Seling, Transfer Rapid Ambassador

Sublime Sky

This is the first video that I made in collaboration with Transfer Rapid. I hope you’ll enjoy the music, the story, and the beautiful scenery. Thank you for watching!

Warm regards,
Paula Seling, Transfer Rapid Ambassador