We are delighted to announce that we now offer money transfer services to Republic of Moldova.

June 8, 2015

Starting today, Transfer Rapid is facilitating money transfers to Republic of Moldova, and money can be retrieved from any Victoria Bank branch. We are proud to extend our financial partners network and to be able to offer clients more convenient locations.

The partnership between Meridiana and Transfer Rapid offers the most attractive money transfer service dedicated to Romanians living abroad.

April 15, 2015

Transfer Rapid and Meridiana Transfer de Bani S.R.L. have taken the motto "the customer is always right" and truly applied it to their business practices by launching, at the clients' request, the best money transfer service dedicated to the Romanians living abroad who wish to send money to Romania using an easy, secure and fast service.

The partnership, which took place in April 2015, has as a main objective the reduction of costs and the improvement of accessibility of money transfer services utilizing Meridiana's secure platforms and professional representatives across its 213 Atlassib branches conveniently located for the Romanian communities living abroad. As part of this partnership, Transfer Rapid also fuses the unparalleled professionalism of the CEC Bank's representatives from its 1,060 branches, the most extensive bank network for money transfer retrieval services.
In order to transfer money to Romania, a sender would have to present to a Meridiana representative his/her identity card or Romanian passport, and obtain a receipt with the transaction details, and a unique reference number which would have to be communicated to the recipient.

The recipient can go to any CEC Bank branch with his/her identity card, along with the unique reference number communicated by the sender. A CEC Bank representative will assist the recipient, with the utmost respect and promptness, to retrieve the money which may be given in Euro or Lei, based on the sender's option.

All our clients who transfer or receive money through Tranfer Rapid and Meridiana network, benefit from services marked by irreproachable professionalism, and the lowest transfer cost in accordance with the market, offered by the largest network of money transfers in Romania.

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Despre Transfer Rapid

Transfer Rapid was founded in 2004 by a few American investors and a group of Romanian professionals, with the purpose of creating financial products and services for a financial sector propitious for transformative progress due to the migration of the Romanian citizens to many other EU countries. Beginning with 2005, Transfer Rapid has initiated a successful partnership with CEC Bank, the oldest financial institution in Romania, the largest network of bank branches, and the most recognized banking brand. These two partners have proposed the launching of a payment product that would be efficient, multifunctional, and convenient for the Romanian clients. So far, Transfer Rapid's support teams and technology platform, along with CEC Bank's highly trained representatives, have processed nearly 10 million transfers without any system interruptions. The integrity of technology and the qualitative services offered by Transfer Rapid and CEC Bank have generated an unmatched loyalty proven by the recurrent system usage by 80% of the existing clients.

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Despre Meridiana

Meridiana Transfer de Bani S.R.L. is the first payment institution fully financed by Romanian capital, and authorized by the National Bank of Romania to provide payment services in accordance with Directives OUG113/2009 and 64/2007/CE. The institution is part of the Atlassib Holding and is offering payment services since 2008; its services are offered only to individuals and they are provided exclusively through our partners and collaborators in a network of continuous growth which includes: UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Posta Atlassib, Atlassib branches from Western Europe, Victoria Bank from Republic of Moldova and Easy Money Transfer from Greece.

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Transfer Rapid is among the first two companies to engage in fund transfers to Romania

December 23, 2014

At the end of 2014, Transfer Rapid exceeds MoneyGram in transaction volume and occupies second place in the market of fund transfers to Romania.

CEC Bank celebrates 150 years from its inception

November 24, 2014

CEC Bank, a Transfer Rapid partner and the most reputable bank in Romania, acclaiming the most extensive network of branches nationwide, celebrates today 150 years from its beginnings at the initiative of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

Transfer money to any bank account in Romania

April 30, 2014

Starting from September 1, 2013, Transfer Rapid clients can send money to any bank account in Romania.

Transfer Rapid celebrates 5,000,000th transaction

June 10, 2014

And to celebrate this event, Transfer Rapid has rewarded 1,000 Euro to the client who completed this historical transaction. Mrs. Maria Negru sent home 400 Euro, however, her dear ones received 1,400 Euro.