Find out how you can recover your taxes

The procedure is simple! Nothing to pay until you receive your money!

1. Fill in the enclosed form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

2. You will receive a set of standard forms to fill in.

3. Send the completed forms and the documents received from your Austrian employer..

4. We start the tax refund process as soon as we get your documents.

5. You will be notified via e-mail at each step of the procedure!

Find out what documents you need

Lohnzettel (L16)

Income Taxes can be reclaimed from Austria for the last 5 years.

Documents description

Lohnzettel (L16) :contains information about a person's income and the taxes paid. Issued by the Austrian employer.

You don't have these documents? You can still apply for tax refund!

We can get your missing documents if you give us full details about your employer: name, address, telephone, number etc.