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Over 70% of Romanians are not able to claim their benefits in the EU.

One of these benefits is that of recovering the taxes overwithheld on the income earned abroad.

Every Romanian who worked abroad legally can claim his or her overwithheld income taxes.


If you are working or you have worked abroad for the last 5 years it is possible that you may have overpaid taxes. This may have occurred, and even though it is lawful, due to the employer's overtaxing, or because you may have been put into a higher tax bracket, and thus less advantageous.

The amount that would be considered for a refund may be based on the following: income earned abroad, income earned in Romania for that particular year, marital status, and income earned in Romania by the spouse; and that is the reason why some people may receive a larger tax refund. The tax refund amount may include tax credits, such as: the European children's allowance.

Please note that the tax refund is received from the Tax Office, and not from the employer. The right to recover your overwithheld taxes does not affect your right to work abroad or your relationship with your employer.


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