1.1. The service consists of money transfers from the Expediting Country to Romania (hereinafter called "Money Transfer") at the request of a subject (hereinafter called "Sender"), in favor of another subject assigned by the Sender (hereinafter called “Beneficiary”).

1.2. The Sender entrusts the Money Transfer operation to Transfer Rapid LTD (hereinafter called "Transfer Rapid"), a limited liability company with registered office in One London Wall, Floor 6, London, EC2Y UK, which receives the Sender's money and provides for the payment of these funds to the Beneficiary through a network of bank branches approved by the CEC Bank, a banking institution with registered office in Calea Victoriei 11-13, Sector 3, Bucharest, active in Romania (hereinafter called "Transfer Rapid Circuit"), with the Money Transfer operation.

1.3. The Sender, thus, authorizes Transfer Rapid to use the Transfer Rapid Circuit to complete the money transfer operation.


2.1. For the Money Transfer service, the Sender, entrusts onto Transfer Rapid all commissions and costs indicated on the Information Sheet provided by Transfer Rapid (hereinafter called "Commissions").


3.1. The Money Transfer request will be submitted by the Sender via the Transfer Rapid Portal (hereinafter referred to as "Transfer Rapid Portal").

3.2. The payment of the transfer sum and additional Commissions will be performed online via the Transfer Rapid Portal, using a bank card.

3.3. The Sender must identify (him) herself on the Transfer Rapid Portal. The Transfer Rapid Portal will thereafter provide the Sender with the receipt containing the data regarding the operation, electronically.


4.1. Once the Money Transfer request has been finalized, Transfer Rapid will forward the money to the Transfer Rapid Circuit.

4.2. The transferred funds are received by the Beneficiary at the best suited for payment bank branch, exception is the case where there has been no request for cancellation or refund of the money made by the Sender as provided in art. 5 below, in a period of maximum 30 calendar days from the transfer of money to the Transfer Rapid Circuit.

4.3. In order to collect the transferred funds, the Beneficiary, must fill out the appropriate form (hereinafter referred to as "Cash Collection Form") and submit it to the best suited for payment bank branch along with a valid ID. The best suited for payment bank branch, after verifying that the data contained in the payment form is correct and complete, hands the Beneficiary the transferred money.

4.4. Payment is made to the Beneficiary in Euro or in Ron.

4.5. If so be the case that the Beneficiary fails to collect the transfer money under the conditions set out in paragraph 4.2., the Sender has the right to demand reimbursement of the transferred amount at the operation execution time by showing the receipt presented in paragraph 3.4. and a valid ID. In this case Transfer Rapid will still have the right to withhold the Commissions from Article 2.


5.1. The Sender has the right to request the cancellation of the Money Transfer and the reimbursement of this amount, unless these amounts have been already paid to the Beneficiary. The reimbursement request must be made by the Sender, via the Transfer Rapid Portal, by presenting the issued receipt having a confirmatory role of the transaction. 5.2. The reimbursement of the Sender provides the restitution of the paid amount, less corresponding Commissions.


6.1. Transfer Rapid is not liable for errors, delays and / or failure to conclude Money Transfers for reasons not related to it. In this category we include, for example, errors, delays and / or failure to conclude Money Transfers: (a) for external causes that lead to the impossibility or difficulty of functioning of interbank markets in general and / or funds transfer circuits; (b) for causes attributable to partner banks from the Transfer Rapid Circuit; (c) for inaccurate data and / or incomplete information provided by the Sender when requesting the Money Transfer application; (d) for fraudulent behavior made by third parties in order to substitute the Beneficiary in order to obtain the delivered money; (e) for cases derived from the application of the law of the place of destination of the remittances.

6.2. In addition, Transfer Rapid is not liable for any direct or indirect damages suffered by the Sender or Beneficiary and / or third parties, derived from errors, delays and / or failure to transfer money, for causes not attributable to it.

6.3. Regardless of the case, Transfer Rapid will do everything which is reasonably in its power to enable the Sender to exercise his rights and take the necessary steps towards the subjects responsible for the failure and / or impeding of the Money Transfer procedure, to enable them to recover (in the end) the amount deposited in the completion of the transaction, less the appropriate Commissions.

6.4. Be it the case where the Money Transfer and the payment to the beneficiary did not conclude due to causes exclusively attributable to Transfer Rapid, the Sender will be refunded with the amount paid to Transfer Rapid, less any other damages or compensations, with the exception of fraud or serious misconduct.


7.1 According to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, Transfer Rapid group is required to manage safely and only for specified purposes, personal data you provide about yourself, a family member or another person.

7.2 Personal data processed include the following categories: identification data - name, home address, email address, phone number / mobile, personal number, date of birth, residence.

7.3 The purpose of collecting data is to provide money transfer services and keep you informed about changes in our services and any services we or our partners offer, marketing, advertising, media, research market statistics.

7.4 Data are recorded for use by the operator and may transmit informations to members of the group and other entities, agents or third party contractors.

7.5 Your personal data collected by Rapid Transfer Group will not be disclosed to a third company ever (outside the group) who intends to use it for direct marketing purposes if you have not given your express permission to do this.

7.6 Under the relevant finainciare transfers legislation you are required to provide mentioned data, which are necessary for the requested services. Your refusal may lead to cancellation of the order.

7.7 If payments are made by card, the service is performed through authorized third party providing online payment service that guarantees security of information systems. Identification of card data (card number, expiration date) will not be stored or transferred by Rapid Transfer Group.

7.8 According to Law no. 677/2001, you have the right to access, the right of intervention and modify the data, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision and the right to go to court. Also you have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and request deletion of data (only data that are collected for marketing purposes and not those collected for legal purposes).

7.9 By filling in your data in the registration form you understand that your personal data will be entered into Transfer Rapid database and also you agree expressly and unequivocally that all such personal data to be stored, used and processed by Transfer Rapid affiliates and collaborators for the development services required.

7.10 Knowing the legal provisions on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, you accept that Transfer Rapid will process directly or through representatives and/or third party contractors, personal data and can process, store and transmits whichever members of the group and other entities, third party agents or contractors in order to carry out the services requested.